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Another Republican big shot has lined up to attack me

Another Republican big shot has lined up to attack me.

This time, it's the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota.

Emmer announced that the GOP is committed to taking away our House majority – including this seat, so they can install an obedient Trump loyalist.

Our grassroots movement is fighting back. Hard. Because as much as Tom Emmer and his wealthy backers wish it wasn't true, this seat belongs to the people of Oregon, not Donald Trump.

Contribute $4 now to tell them they can't take our seat away.

Here's what really makes my blood boil, though:

Emmer's started telling the press that House Democrats are "the most partisan, obstructionist group that I think Congress has ever seen."

Since January 2019, the House has passed hundreds of bills that Mitch McConnell – with the enthusiastic backing of Congressional Republicans – refuses to even bring up for debate.

That's the sort of dishonest BS Republicans are trying to pass off as policy. Instead of working on the problems that the American people elected us to solve, they're refusing to work and then trying to distract us by lying about it.

And they want to put another one of their yes-men in this seat.

So let's be clear:

I'll always be honest with the people of Oregon, and I've got the track record to prove it.

I'll always fight for the people of Oregon – not for political points, not for big donors, not for special interests – and I've got the track record to prove it.

I'll stand up to whoever I have to in order to deliver results for the people of Oregon. And I've got the track record to prove it.

National Republican leadership is putting their most controversial figures – Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, and now Tom Emmer – in charge of helping elect my opponent. And we know everything is on the line.

This is the toughest race of my career, and we're heading into the most intense weeks of the race. Can you contribute $4 to power us through?

We know that the only way we're going to win this is by working together. Because true democracy depends on building a powerful grassroots movement to defeat special interest dollars. It's the only way I'd ever want to be elected. And: I've got the track record to prove it.


Posted on September 28, 2020.

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