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Working families don't need relief? Really??

Last month, at the Rotary Club of Eugene, Alek Skarlatos was asked, "Do you think there's a need for another pandemic relief bill, and if so, what are your top priorities for such a bill?"

Skarlatos answered, "In short: no, I do not."

That's right, Alek Skarlatos said it himself: he doesn't support relief for working families, small businesses and struggling Oregonians, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic that has taken the lives of over 216,000 Americans, and 1 million people worldwide.

It doesn't get any more clear-cut than that.

Wealthy special interests are raising millions to cover up Alek's extreme views like this one. They want you to think he is a harmless moderate – and they're making progress. Chip in $17 now to make sure we can show Oregon the real Alek Skarlatos!

Does Alek worry about how families will make ends meet during the pandemic winter?

No, he does not.

In Congress, I've been on the front lines of the fight to get more relief out to the working families trying to figure out how to make it through the coming months. I co-sponsored the bill that the House just passed that would make sure we're looking out for our workers, small businesses, students and schools, and first responders as the pandemic continues.

Does Alek understand that working families need relief, not wealthy corporations?

No, he does not.

I can guarantee Alek didn't get that idea by listening to the working families southwest Oregon. That kind of ignorance and heartlessness comes straight from Big Pharma and the lobbyists behind all of Alek's positions. Not to mention the millions of dollars flowing into his campaign, less than 20% of which come from this district! (OpenSecrets)

People are hurting all over our state. The only people who don't see that (or worse, don't care) are the millionaires and billionaires looking to further rig the system in their favor, and take advantage of struggling Americans – even during the global pandemic.

They're spending big to defeat our grassroots movement and force their pro-corporate extremist in our seat. Please chip in $17 to fight back and defend this seat for working families.

Does Alek have what it takes to represent the working people of Oregon's Fourth Congressional District?

No, he does not.

19 days left. Keep up the fight. We can do this.


Posted on October 15, 2020.

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