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ICYMI: Eugene Weekly Exposes Alek Skarlatos’ Extreme Views

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 26, 2020

Contact: Katrina Martell (214) 229-3610 or [email protected]

Eugene, Oregon — Eugene Weekly exposed OR-4 Republican candidate Alek Skarlatos for being opposed to women having a say in their health care, repeatedly dodging reporters seeking to confirm his extreme positions, having a campaign fueled more by out of state and PAC donors than individual grassroots contributions, refusing to take the pandemic seriously and wear a mask in public places (Multiple photos included below), and more.

Key points from the Eugene Weekly article:

Skarlatos does agree with restricting access to health care when it comes to abortion. He is endorsed by Oregon Right to Life. In the Oct. 15 candidates forum, Skarlatos said, “I do not believe in federal funding for Planned Parenthood.”

Seventy-five percent of Skarlatos’ total donation amount is from out-of-state, according to receipts filed with the Federal Election Commission. And 64 percent of those individual donations are from outside Oregon.

Skarlatos did not respond to Eugene Weekly’s attempts to contact him on four different platforms over a three-week period, even as the campaign season entered its final stretch following Labor Day Weekend. EW instead drew on his interviews with other sources, including right-wing groups.

Skarlatos visited the diner after it was fined $14,000 for reopening in violation of Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order during the first wave of COVID-19 infections. In the picture, Skarlatos stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the owners and gives the camera a thumbs up. No one is wearing a mask. Skarlatos’ unmasked appearance at the restaurant appears to reflect his emphasis on the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis despite the major health concerns associated with the restaurant’s reopening.

"Skarlatos does not think he has to answer to local media about his radical views that would strip Oregonians of their health care, fair wage protections, and women’s choice, and apparently thinks he can get away with dodging local news outlets like Eugene Weekly after they contacted him numerous times. The fact that he’s been caught not wearing a mask in public just confirms what we already know, Skarlatos doesn’t take this pandemic seriously and doesn’t believe Oregon families, small businesses, and workers deserve another pandemic relief package to weather this crisis. He has called the pandemic response an ‘overreaction’ and claimed COVID is just ‘not that lethal.’ Alek is clearly dangerous and wrong for Oregon,” said Carly Gabrielson, Congressman Peter DeFazio’s Campaign Manager

Skarlatos does not take COVID seriously. He has said “ ...we've never had this much of an overreaction to a disease. It's not that lethal and again, even if you are afraid of the coronavirus, then you can take plenty of countermeasures yourself without shutting down businesses for everyone.” (Freedom First Network 08/04/2020) Skarlatos has made numerous appearances during the pandemic without wearing a mask (pictured below), and he has also endorsed and been photographed with anti-masker and Q-Anon believer, Jo Rae Perkins (pictured below).

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Posted on October 26, 2020 in Press Releases.

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