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As Cases Spike, Skarlatos Refuses to Wear a Mask in Public or Take COVID Seriously (PHOTOS & VIDEO INCLUDED)

Eugene, Oregon — As Oregon breaks records with a streak of new cases, OR-4 Republican candidate Alek Skarlatos refuses to take this pandemic seriously in a number of alarming ways. He has called the pandemic response an “overreaction” and claimed COVID is just “not that lethal” (VIDEO LINK). Despite claiming at the debate that he follows health and safety guidelines and wears masks (VIDEO LINK), Skarlatos was exposed by Eugene Weekly just last week for not wearing a mask in public and ignoring the grave health concerns associated with a pandemic (ARTICLE LINK). Additionally Skarlatos was spotted without a mask over the weekend, many times this month, and recklessly sent paid canvassers door to door without masks over the weekend, a violation of the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) protocols (PHOTOS BELOW). Furthermore, Skarlatos revealed that he doesn’t believe struggling Oregonians need another pandemic relief package (AUDIO LINK).

"The fact that Skarlatos does not wear a mask in close proximity to others is risky, careless and confirms what we already know: he doesn’t take this pandemic seriously and doesn’t believe Oregon families, small businesses, and workers deserve another pandemic relief package to weather this crisis. If Alek can’t be trusted to take basic precautions to slow the spread and protect our communities from the coronavirus, he certainly cannot be trusted to represent Oregonians in Congress.,” said Carly Gabrielson, Congressman Peter DeFazio’s Campaign Manager.

Eugene Weekly article exposes Skarlatos for not wearing a mask and ignoring health concerns:

“Skarlatos visited the diner after it was fined $14,000 for reopening in violation of Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order during the first wave of COVID-19 infections. In the picture, Skarlatos stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the owners and gives the camera a thumbs up. No one is wearing a mask. Skarlatos’ unmasked appearance at the restaurant appears to reflect his emphasis on the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis despite the major health concerns associated with the restaurant’s reopening.”

On Sunday, Skarlatos was caught holding a campaign event at Detering Orchards in Harrisburg not wearing a mask, a violation of OHA’s requirements to wear a mask in outdoor markets (PHOTO BELOW). This is in addition to sending canvassers door to door without masks on, and holding numerous events during the last month without wearing a mask in public (PHOTOS BELOW). He has also endorsed and been photographed with anti-masker and Q-Anon believer, Jo Rae Perkins.

Skarlatos has said “ ...we've never had this much of an overreaction to a disease. It's not that lethal and again, even if you are afraid of the coronavirus, then you can take plenty of countermeasures yourself without shutting down businesses for everyone” (Freedom First Network 08/04/2020) (VIDEO LINK).

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Posted on October 27, 2020 in Press Releases.

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