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Alek jumps on board with a new band of extremists

Alek Skarlatos is back in the news.

That's right: he's taken a job as a professional union-buster and will work full time to destroy workers' ability to negotiate for fair employment.

Please contribute now to make sure that, wherever anti-union bullies like Alek Skarlatos and the Freedom Foundation show up, our movement will be there to fight alongside workers.

Make no mistake, the Freedom Foundation is about as extreme an anti-worker organization as there is; they claim unions oppress workers and then try to strip workers of protections.

You read that right: Alek and his new bosses see unionizing as oppression.

This anti-union collective tries to dismantle rights that unions have fought for such as minimum wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare benefits. Skarlatos opposed a mandated minimum wage, and now he wants to strip workers of the rights and benefits unions have provided for years.

Let's be very clear here:

Demanding fair treatment for workers is the opposite of oppression.

Skarlatos 2020 campaign was funded by right-wing extremists looking to make the rich richer by pushing aside the needs of working families. During the election, he pretended not to side with them but now that the election is over, he has no trouble fighting to undo protections for working families.

I'm proud to have stood with unions for my entire career, and I will always put the well-being of working families first.

Are you with me? Chip in $3 now to build the movement that will keep anti-labor extremists like Freedom Foundation in check.


Posted on February 3, 2021.

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