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No taxing COVID relief. Period.

Last week, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, and President Biden signed it into law, which will get long-overdue relief to working families and small businesses suffering through the recession.

I want to make sure everyone understands one thing: people getting this badly-needed aid should not be expected to pay taxes on it.

I've sent a letter to Oregon Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon State Legislature urging them to keep economic stimulus payments tax-free. Oregonians should not be expected to provide the State with additional relief. The American Rescue Plan provides states with enough relief to cause a surplus for the State.

The point of these stimulus payments is to aid Americans who desperately needed relief and stimulate the economy. People who are desperately waiting for help should not be facing down new tax burdens. That's absolutely not what Democrats in Congress intended.

COVID relief should be tax-free. End of discussion.

Stay safe, and be kind.


Posted on March 15, 2021.

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