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It’s time for the USPS to go electric!

Peter has been a fierce defender of the United States Postal Service throughout his entire career.

From being outspoken about removing Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, to chaining himself to a USPS box last fall when boxes were being removed, to working to update and modernize delivery, Peter is fighting on the front lines to save our Postal Service.

It’s clear: when it comes to the future of the USPS, Peter knows we need to think and act smarter.

That’s why Peter is fighting to bring the USPS into the 21st Century — starting with replacing those old trucks from the 1980’s and 1990’s with electric vehicles. Many of the old trucks postal workers have been driving don’t have air conditioning, anti-lock brakes and some are even bursting into flames.

No, really:

Our postal workers deserve so much better.

That’s why Peter is fighting to pass on The Postal Vehicle Modernization Act, a bill that would electrify the aging USPS fleet, reduce carbon pollution and save money. The old USPS trucks only get about 10 miles to the gallon. Replacing the aging trucks with zero-emission vehicles will cut fuel costs dramatically, reduce the USPS carbon footprint, and create thousands of well-paying manufacturing jobs.

The new clean energy era is here. It’s time for the USPS to join the movement for a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Team DeFazio

Posted on April 8, 2021.

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Peter DeFazio's common-sense proposals aim to create good-paying jobs, expand access to affordable health care and develop options outside of the for-profit marketplace, restore economic and educational opportunities, hold government accountable and tip the scales of inequality back in favor of hard-working Oregonians.

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