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BREAKING: DeFazio’s district is now rated R+1

We wanted to make sure you saw this.

The Cook Political Report just released its Partisan Voter Index score for all 435 congressional districts and gave Oregon's 4th congressional district a R+1 rating. That means they believe the Republicans have the advantage in Peter's district.

Cook Political Report

We can't let the GOP win this seat. There's too much at stake. Help Peter fight back against the GOP and donate $10 to his campaign.

We know it's going to be a tough battle again in 2022. Last year, Trump and his cronies at the NRCC did whatever they could to defeat Peter. Rightwing Super PACs poured millions of dollars into Oregon to attack Peter. Ted Cruz even pledged to raise $100K for Peter's opponent.

It didn't work. You know why? Because of supporters like you making sure we sent Peter back to Congress. Peter's campaign is supported by thousands of grassroots supporters, not millionaires and SuperPACs.

Will you show the GOP they're no match for Peter's grassroots movement? Fight back and donate $10 right now.

While Peter is hard at work in Washington trying to pass President Biden's American Jobs Plan, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and transform our energy economy, let's show him we have his back. Rush a $10 donation to Peter's campaign today and let's show National Republicans our grassroots movement is ready to take them on and win.

Team DeFazio

Posted on April 23, 2021.

As Independent as Oregon.

Peter DeFazio's common-sense proposals aim to create good-paying jobs, expand access to affordable health care and develop options outside of the for-profit marketplace, restore economic and educational opportunities, hold government accountable and tip the scales of inequality back in favor of hard-working Oregonians.

Meet Peter