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2020 was just a trial run

On Friday, Alek Skarlatos, Donald Trump's hand-picked candidate to run against me last year, filed to run again in 2022.

It took Fox News less than 48 hours to start building him up and attacking me:

Skarlatos on Fox and Friends

Chip in $3 now to show Skarlatos and the right-wing disinformation machine we're ready to take them on!

Alek Skarlatos is exactly the kind of guy Republicans want in Congress.

You remember from last time — Skarlatos was totally behind Trump's agenda, and, if elected, would pull the brakes on our progressive push to fix what's broken in Oregon and America. In fact, he wants to give even more favors to billionaires, corporations, and industrial polluters.

Washington D.C. Republicans have targeted Oregon's 4th Congressional District as one of their top priorities in 2022, and that means we should expect and prepare for another multimillion dollar campaign of lies and misdirection.

Skarlatos's 2020 campaign was the most expensive congressional race in Oregon history.

That was just a trial run. The second wave has already started.

Please contribute $3 now to make sure we're fighting back right away.

My campaign is and always has been powered by the people, for the people! Thanks to grassroots supporters like you, we were still able to get the truth out in 2020. This race depends on us doing it again.

Back to work. More soon.


Posted on May 6, 2021.

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