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The grim reaper of infrastructure

Senate Minority Leader and chief obstructionist Mitch McConnell is standing in the way of progress yet again. He's already threatened that zero Republicans will support President Biden's American Jobs Plan to rebuild our nation's infrastructure and create millions of jobs.

So what is Mitch McConnell's plan for America?

Independent TV: Mitch McConnell says '100 per cent' of his focus is on stopping Biden

That's it. McConnell's plan is making sure nothing gets done.

Well, Peter is 100 percent focused on passing the American Jobs Plan, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and transforming our energy economy.

Game on, Mitch McConnell.

We've waited far too long to invest in our nation's infrastructure—from clean water to affordable housing to greener transportation. No half measures. No watered down infrastructure and jobs bills. The time to go big and be bold is now!

As Peter always says, we have to think and act smarter. And there's nothing smarter than investing in working families from the bottom on up. Peter has been fighting for this moment for years. He's going to do everything he can to get the American Jobs Plan passed.

With or without the grim reaper of the Senate.

Team DeFazio

P.S. In case you missed it, Republican Alek Skarlatos has announced he's running against Peter again in 2022. Can we count on your support to make sure we reelect Peter? Donate $3 today!

Posted on May 25, 2021.

As Independent as Oregon.

Peter DeFazio's common-sense proposals aim to create good-paying jobs, expand access to affordable health care and develop options outside of the for-profit marketplace, restore economic and educational opportunities, hold government accountable and tip the scales of inequality back in favor of hard-working Oregonians.

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