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How much will this help you or someone you know?

Families have been hit especially hard during this pandemic, but more help is on the way. As part of President Biden's American Rescue Plan, Democrats expanded the child tax credit for roughly 90 percent of parents in America.

Here in Oregon's 4th Congressional District, the expanded child tax credit will be a lifesaver for more than 43,000 families – that's 138,100 children – by helping parents so afford the necessities for their kids, from food to clothing to school supplies. It will help lift up countless Oregon children who are food insecure and living below the poverty line.

Want to know how this expanded tax credit will help you or someone you love? Here's a breakdown of how the expanded tax credit will help Oregonians in the 4th Congressional District:

More than 90% of children (138,100 kids) in the 4th Congressional District: will directly benefit from the expanded Child Tax Credit

The average yearly benefit will be $3,000, with monthly payments of up to $300 for kids under the ages of 6, and $250 for kids ages 7-17

The expanded Child Tax Credit will lift 8,600 children in Oregon's 4th Congressional District: out of poverty, including 3,100 kids under the age of 6

The tax credit will help lift 5,700 children in the 4th district out of deep poverty

President Biden's expanded child tax credit will last one year, but I'm fighting to make it permanent. We're one of the few countries in the world that doesn't provide enough assistance to parents with young children—it's far past time we change that. The expanded child tax credit is a great place to start.


Posted on July 7, 2021.

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