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Is there any conspiracy Alek Skarlatos won’t believe?

Alek Skarlatos has some real nerve.

Recently, Skarlatos attacked Oregon's mask mandate (even though COVID hospitalizations are on the rise) calling efforts to slow the spread of infection part of the "liberal agenda."

It's the height of irresponsibility and the rock bottom of ignorance. And it's got no place in Congress.

Chip in $3 now to fight back against Alek's dangerous propaganda, and keep Peter's voice – our voice – in Congress.

Three reasons why Alek's comments are dangerous:

First off, "stopping the COVID pandemic" should be part of everyone's agenda.

Second, there's no doubt in the medical community that masks dramatically reduce the spread of COVID.

Third, hospitalization rates here in southwest Oregon are skyrocketing and ICU beds are running out. Doctors and nurses are begging community members to get vaccinated and wear masks to protect one another.

Their words don't matter to Alek.

There's no doubt that conspiracy theories and science denial dramatically reduce our safety. The Delta variant – now the predominant COVID strain in Oregon – is highly contagious. With the steep rise of infections and hospitalizations in the state, reinstating the mask mandate to help prevent community-wide spread is the right thing to do.

But if Skarlatos had his way, there'd be no mask mandate in Oregon. Hell, Alek Skarlatos even opposed federal funding for vaccines!

This pandemic is no joke. We shouldn't send a joker like Skarlatos to Congress to manage it. Oregonians deserve representatives who won't trade our families' health for cheap (and ignorant) political points.

Peter has always put the public health and safety of his constituents first, and he will continue to do just that as our Representative in Congress. Contribute now to make sure Alek Skarlatos and his billionaire backers know we're ready for anything they throw at us.

Team DeFazio

Posted on September 24, 2021.

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