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Did Alek Skarlatos transfer ‘dark money’ to his own campaign?

You may have seen the news. A political action committee, End Citizens United, has filed an official FEC complaint against Alek Skarlatos.

Headline: Alek Skarlatos faces campaign finance complaint for $65,000 transfer from nonprofit

The nonprofit in question, 15:17 Trust, was supposed to be helping veterans. But as OPB reports, it doesn't look like the nonprofit was doing much of anything, except acting as a mattress for Alek to hide his money under. In fact, there is no evidence that 15:17 Trust has done anything at all to help veterans.

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Peter is 100 percent committed to putting an end to dark money from corporate special interests in our elections. Unlike Alek Skarlatos, Peter believes elections should be powered by grassroots supporters like you, not from corporations, Wall Street, and funds stolen from veterans.

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Team DeFazio

Posted on October 30, 2021.

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