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Campaign Updates

May 20, 2020 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your steadfast support and trust to represent our shared values in Washington. It means everything to me. I pledge to continue to fight for issues that matter the most to ... read more
May 19, 2020 8 p.m. is the deadline to turn in your ballot! Election Day is always exciting at DeFazio Headquarters. And even though our campaign has gone virtual this year, the day hasn't lost any of the thrills! There's so much at stake this year: increasing our ... read more
May 17, 2020 A BIG green endorsement: the Sierra Club! This week, Peter was endorsed by the Sierra Club! For decades, the Sierra Club has led the global environmental movement. In our country, they've worked to reduce fossil fuel consumption, hold corporate polluters accountable, and ... read more
May 16, 2020 I will not let the USPS down. Not now, not ever. I've been fighting for the United States Postal Service for over a decade now. From mail to prescription drugs to election ballots, our Postal Service provides an essential, affordable, reliable service. And today, in the ... read more
May 15, 2020 My Republican opponent has been busy Have you seen this? While I've been working with senior leadership in Congress to fight a global health crisis and ensure our working families have a paycheck, Alek Skarlatos – Donald Trump's hand-picked candidate for ... read more
May 14, 2020 The Oregon Way to Vote Despite the shelter in place, the world is not slowing down. November is just a few short months away (despite how long quarantine may feel) and Oregon's primary election is on Tuesday! Today is the ... read more
May 11, 2020 A powerful statement from a crucial partner Check out this op-ed from Sara Nelson in the Register Guard: A longtime constituent, Sara is also the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants, the 50,000-person union that protects the rights of flight ... read more
May 6, 2020 Join me in thanking our nurses Today is National Nurses Day, an opportunity to pause and honor nurses who are providing lifesaving care to our communities. These heroes provide critical care 365 days a year, but in this difficult time, we ... read more
May 5, 2020 How do teachers do it? How do they do it? Since the coronavirus turned millions of unsuspecting parents into school teachers overnight, I've heard that same question over and over, as folks get a firsthand look at teachers' lives. Generally, ... read more
May 4, 2020 Why I'm honored to be endorsed by the Working Families Party! My dad was a high school teacher and my mom worked as a librarian; they spent their lives working to give my brother and me more opportunities than they had growing up. One of my ... read more
May 3, 2020 Join my telephone town hall In the age of COVID-19, my campaign has transitioned entirely online to ensure the safety of my staff – and you – but we're not slowing down. I want to make sure you're staying updated ... read more
May 1, 2020 Why Peter? Ballots are hitting mailboxes so we want to make sure you have access to Peter's voters' statement! We know that Peter is the right person to represent us in D.C because he has the experience ... read more
April 30, 2020 This administration is always searching for new ways to be cruel. Donald Trump kicked off his presidential campaign by attacking immigrants. He began his presidency with an immigration ban. He followed that by turning away refugees, tearing children from their parents' arms, and denying migrant families ... read more
April 26, 2020 Oregon's leading the way on voting Oregon gets a lot of things right. Women's reproductive rights. Conservation of our public lands. And voting by mail. Oregon consistently has one of the highest participation rates in the country because we know that ... read more
April 23, 2020 Endorsement Alert! Eugene Weekly: "We need our savvy, seasoned congressman" In the midst of a global pandemic, we're always looking for this silver lining. And this week's bright spot comes as an endorsement by Eugene Weekly. I am honored to have strong support of our ... read more
April 22, 2020 Earth Day and the Green New Deal 2.0 Today's the 50th Earth Day. And while the Trump administration is using the coronavirus as an excuse to cut favors for big polluters, it's important to remember that Congress can respond to this national crisis ... read more
April 17, 2020 The model for working Americans everywhere. In the month of March, 2020, more than 15 million Americans applied for unemployment. Estimates by the Economic Policy Institute projects our unemployment rate to hit nearly 16% by July – a percentage not seen ... read more
April 17, 2020 Workers First with Bernie Sanders Check out the highlights of my conversation with my friend and colleague Bernie Sanders about the #WorkersFirst provisions that I fought for in the CARES Act. We made sure that relief flows directly to the ... read more
April 16, 2020 Looking to the future during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. No one disagrees our nation must be rebuilt so it can be sustained for our children and grandchildren. And that we must rebuild it in a way that looks to the future, the 21st century, ... read more
April 15, 2020 "Primary voters should choose DeFazio" Great news! Our local newspaper, The Register-Guard, has strongly endorsed Peter's re-election in Oregon's Fourth Congressional District. As we prepare to clean up the mess of Donald Trump's four years in office, we'll need strong, ... read more
April 13, 2020 Resources in the CARES Act Last month, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to set up the supports to give some crucial relief from the economic shock of the pandemic. While this bill is not ... read more
April 10, 2020 It's time to vote by mail The novel coronavirus doesn't just threaten the health of our citizens; it threatens the health of our democracy. Images from Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin are haunting; people lined up for blocks and blocks, risking their ... read more
April 9, 2020 Our family grew by one! There's nothing like the pitter-patter of tiny paws scurrying across the floor to greet you the moment you walk in the house. Over the years, Myrnie and I have been honored to welcome many furry ... read more
April 6, 2020 Some inspiring news during the pandemic: Earlier this week an Oregon veteran celebrated his 104th birthday and became the oldest coronavirus survivor. Join me in wishing William Lapschies a very happy birthday! Amid the current pandemic this news is incredibly inspiring ... read more
April 1, 2020 CORONAVIRUS ROUNDTABLE WITH SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, DR. CORNEL WEST, REV. BARBER, & SONIA SHAH I participated in a video forum with my colleague Senator Bernie Sanders, Dr. Cornel West, Reverend William J. Barber, II, and journalist Sonia Shah about COVID-19. We discussed the workers first protections in the Cares ... read more
March 27, 2020 PPE Donations and Homemade Masks I hope you're holding up okay in these difficult times. Personally, I've been getting through by focusing on the helpers all around us who are doing everything they can to make a positive impact — ... read more
March 25, 2020 Stay home, save lives Let me be clear: you need to stay home to save lives. I commend Governor Brown for issuing an executive order to keep Oregonians at home. This is a pandemic; a public health crisis! Please ... read more
March 24, 2020 I will not support another corporate bailout The Republicans unveiled a package which echoes the 2008 TARP bailout of Wall Street. I opposed the Wall Street bailout then and I will oppose this with every fiber of my being. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, ... read more
March 23, 2020 Families First The Republicans unveiled a package which echoes the 2008 TARP bailout of Wall Street. I opposed the Wall Street bailout then and I will oppose this with every fiber of my being. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, ... read more
March 23, 2020 My update on COVID-19 Our country is at a time of crisis. How we respond now will shape the future of our country. I have been monitoring closely and responding to the COVID-19 crisis and am working with Democratic ... read more
March 20, 2020 COVID19 Update Make no mistake: the Trump administration wasted at least six weeks in responding to this pandemic; it is shameful and I’m outraged. But I’m focusing my energy and outrage on fighting back. I’m working with ... read more
March 16, 2020 We passed a Coronavirus response package I am continuing to closely monitor the ongoing public health threat of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, and have been in daily contact with the Oregon Health Authority. I've also been pressing the federal government to ... read more
March 13, 2020 Reliable sources for COVID-19 information We need a highly coordinated effort between all levels of government to address and mitigate the impact of Covid-19. I joined my colleagues in the Oregon delegation, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Ron Wyden, Congresswoman Suzanne ... read more
March 13, 2020 How I celebrated International Women's Day Last weekend, I celebrated International Women's Day by celebrating all of the women making a change in this world. In 2018, we elected more women to Congress than ever before, including my good friend and ... read more
March 10, 2020 Never a draft. Never again. A military draft has not been used since the days of the Vietnam War – and at the time, it was a disaster. Now, we have an all-volunteer military, and no one is forced to ... read more
March 9, 2020 We're taking measures against Coronavirus in Oregon and in the aviation sector I wanted to let you know that I am monitoring the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) both at home and in the aviation sector and working with the airlines to mitigate the disease’s spread in ... read more
March 5, 2020 📣Endorsement Alert: The League of Conservation Voters🌎 In Congress, I have led the fight to meaningfully address climate change and stop efforts to gut critical environmental laws that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the incredible natural wonders ... read more
February 26, 2020 📣 Endorsement Alert! 📣 Endorsement Alert! The Young Democrats of Oregon, the state's largest youth-led political movement, have endorsed Peter for the 2020 election, and we couldn't be more excited! YDO mobilize folks in support of candidates, ballot measures, ... read more
February 20, 2020 My bill to save our U.S Postal Service People and businesses around the country depend on a reliable U.S. Postal Service (USPS). From mail to prescription drugs, to election ballots, our Postal Service provides a public service and ensures that when we need ... read more
February 13, 2020 The Consequences of Trump's Racist Immigration Plan Last month, I visited the refugee camp in Matamoros, Mexico, to bear witness to the consequences of Trump's racist immigration plan. I've visited refugee camps around the world, and the conditions that this administration is ... read more
February 11, 2020 National Gun Violence Awareness Week Last week, I spoke on the floor to mark #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessWeek. Fifty-eight percent of American adults report that they or someone they care about have experienced gun violence in their lifetime. Nowhere and no one in ... read more
January 31, 2020 The next generation of climate activists Last week, I was invited to speak at Oregon State University with science and policy students on my climate change advocacy efforts. The students left me feeling optimistic for the future of our country and ... read more
January 29, 2020 My Plan to Rebuild our Nation and Fight Climate Change Today, as Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I am proud to announce that I've released a bold framework for a five-year, $760 billion investment in infrastructure that would address climate change while tackling ... read more
January 27, 2020 not enough I'm proud of my record opposing every so-called "free trade" agreement. We were promised good-paying American jobs when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed into law, but those promises proved to be ... read more
January 24, 2020 Breaking News on Jordan Cove I know that many in the Coos Bay community were hopeful that the Jordan Cove LNG project would lead to job creation and revitalize the economy on the South Coast. However, there are far better ... read more
January 21, 2020 The report card is in - and I got an A! On the 10th anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling – which was disastrous for our representative democracy – I'm pleased to share that I have earned an A rating from the End Citizens ... read more
January 19, 2020 What's next for Juliana v. the United States I am disappointed and outraged in the court's dismissal of the landmark case Juliana v. the United States brought by Our Children's Trust. Several of the young plaintiffs reside in my district. Their leadership in ... read more
January 18, 2020 It's time we #RiseUp Throughout my time in Congress, I've been proud to march with women, to stand with women, and to advocate for and defend reproductive freedom. With Donald Trump's appointees in the Supreme Court and the GOP ... read more
January 17, 2020 What I saw today at our southern border Today, I visited the largest refugee camp at our southern border, where 3,000 people have been waiting for months on end for their asylum claims to be processed. I was horrified by what I saw. ... read more
January 17, 2020 The Only Proven Pro-Choice Candidate Throughout my time in Congress, I've been proud to march with women, to stand with women, and to advocate for and defend reproductive freedom. My 100% pro-choice rating and proven track record is why I'm ... read more

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