Peter DeFazio for Congress, Oregon's 4th
December 2, 2021 Thank You Thank You With humility and gratitude, I am announcing that I will not seek re-election in 2022. Thank you for all of your support. To share your thoughts with Peter - in an email, or ... read more
December 1, 2021 With humility and gratitude I am announcing that I will not seek re-election next year. With humility and gratitude I am announcing that I will not seek re-election next year. It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as Congressman for the Fourth District of Oregon. This ... read more
November 25, 2021 You've made all the difference I'm thankful for a lot this year. I'm thankful for every single frontline worker who has helped us weather the pandemic. It's been another rough year, and we wouldn't have been able to get through ... read more
November 22, 2021 The biggest investment in families in decades Last week, the House voted to pass President Biden's Build Back Better agenda. Build Back Better is a sweeping economic recovery package and is fully funded by ensuring big corporations and the wealthy finally pay ... read more
November 16, 2021 A key first step After an intense organizing effort over the last several months, the House passed a landmark infrastructure bill and yesterday President Biden signed it into law. This is a long time coming, and a critical first ... read more
November 11, 2021 Gratitude Today is Veterans Day, a day to show our gratitude to our nation's veterans for their service. I believe it is our nation's moral obligation to care for our veterans who have risked everything to ... read more
October 30, 2021 Did Alek Skarlatos transfer ‘dark money’ to his own campaign? You may have seen the news. A political action committee, End Citizens United, has filed an official FEC complaint against Alek Skarlatos. The nonprofit in question, 15:17 Trust, was supposed to be helping veterans. But ... read more
October 29, 2021 Peter's not going to take it! Peter tells it like it is. So when Republican Rep. Brian Mast tried to derail a bipartisan bill to protect Federal Aviation Administration workers, Peter had a few choice words for him. **There's nothing that ... read more
October 22, 2021 Alek Skarlatos outraised Peter It's no secret the National Republican Campaign Committee is coming after Peter. Take a look: They just sent out a press release claiming Peter's reelection chances have "never looked worse" and bragged about how Alek ... read more
October 7, 2021 In solidarity with essential workers Earlier this week, Peter went to the McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield to show his support for hospital workers on the first day of their strike. At a time in which essential workers are overworked, ... read more
October 4, 2021 Breaking news about Alek Skarlatos Did you see this breaking news story from the Associated Press? It's pretty shocking stuff: Alek Skarlatos, a hero soldier-turned-Republican congressional candidate, started a nonprofit shortly after his 2020 defeat in a western Oregon race, ... read more
September 29, 2021 Republicans and Democrats agree: Let me get straight to the point. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is coming after Peter: He's at the top of their 2022 target list. Last election they dumped millions in the race to ... read more
September 27, 2021 Kevin McCarthy endorses Skarlatos Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is already telling people that Alek Skarlatos will defeat Peter in 2022. McCarthy just endorsed Skarlatos for the second time, which means McCarthy's going to be hitting up his huge ... read more
September 24, 2021 Is there any conspiracy Alek Skarlatos won’t believe? Alek Skarlatos has some real nerve. Recently, Skarlatos attacked Oregon's mask mandate (even though COVID hospitalizations are on the rise) calling efforts to slow the spread of infection part of the "liberal agenda." It's the ... read more
September 7, 2021 Especially proud to be a pro-choice champion Last week, the Supreme Court all but eliminated access to safe, legal abortion for patients across Texas when they allowed the state’s draconian six-week abortion ban to take effect. But this assault on patient rights ... read more
September 1, 2021 Name a billionaire, and I can promise you this: While much of America has been suffering through a pandemic and an economic implosion, guess who has been doing just fine? The Billionaires and the fat cats on Wall Street. What's worse? Most of the ... read more
August 30, 2021 Taxes and toilets While much of America has been suffering through a pandemic and an economic implosion, guess who has been doing just fine? The Billionaires and the fat cats on Wall Street. What's worse? Most of the ... read more
August 29, 2021 How hot is up to us As Oregonians faced down another punishing, deadly heat wave this month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a very dire report on our rapidly warming climate: The IPCC's report outlines how human-made climate ... read more
August 27, 2021 Kabul I strongly condemn the assault which killed and wounded U.S. servicemembers and Afghans outside the Kabul airport. I want to express my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of our military servicemembers and ... read more
August 24, 2021 [Add your name] The time to expand Medicare is NOW Right now, Senate Democrats are putting together a budget package that includes expanding Medicare coverage to dental, vision, and hearing. This will be a huge help to countless seniors across Oregon. But it's not enough. ... read more
July 26, 2021 He’s off the rails Peter's Republican opponent Alek Skarlatos is raising alarm bells for what he's saying and for what he's not saying. Alek Skarlatos is still refusing to say that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Over and ... read more
July 22, 2021 We’ve got to be ready In 2020, Oregon had our worst wildfire season in known history. We saw entire towns decimated, more than a million acres burned to the ground, and thick, hazardous smoke blanket the whole state. It looks ... read more
July 20, 2021 What AOC said Did you catch Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on CNN last night? She gave Peter a shout out for demanding a big, bold, transformative infrastructure package: Peter co-founded the Progressive Congressional Caucus to fight for progressive policies ... read more
July 7, 2021 How much will this help you or someone you know? Families have been hit especially hard during this pandemic, but more help is on the way. As part of President Biden's American Rescue Plan, Democrats expanded the child tax credit for roughly 90 percent of ... read more
July 1, 2021 Infrastructure is calling. Congress has answered. Today is a good day for the country! I'm proud to report that my bill, the INVEST in America Act – the first bill that meets many of the goals in President Biden's American Jobs ... read more

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