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Peter DeFazio for Congress

Latest News & Updates

December 21, 2017UPDATE: The Tax Scam
December 12, 2017Sign the petition: Tell Trump's FCC to protect net neutrality!
November 21, 2017Video: Peter's inspiration
November 16, 2017Sign the petition: Tell Donald Trump "No tax returns? No tax reform."
November 9, 2017Billionaires: 1; Working Americans: 0
November 3, 2017Here's how we're taking back our country
October 25, 2017And the Roosevelt Award goes to
October 10, 2017LTE: I applaud DeFazio's turn-around
October 5, 2017On Las Vegas: We have an immense amount of work to do
August 8, 2017Trump's absurd plan to privatize our skies
July 14, 2017Investing in America
May 19, 2017An independent commission in pursuit of truth and justice
May 12, 2017Making Wall Street Pay Their Fair Share
May 9, 2017He owes us $7 billion
May 5, 2017Spraying children with cyanide?
April 26, 2017Keep Marijuana Legal in Oregon
April 21, 2017Earth Day 2017: March for Science!
March 31, 2017Health care for all
March 30, 2017He bought himself a president. Now what?
March 23, 2017They're putting profits over American lives
March 17, 2017Tell Congress to stop Trump's attacks on immigrants.
March 10, 2017Sign my petition to overturn Citizens United
March 6, 2017Breitbart owner unmasked: Robert Mercer
March 5, 2017A Republican attack ad, already?!
February 16, 2017Why should millionaires get a discount on Social Security?
February 10, 2017The RNCC Target List
February 6, 2017Stay Engaged, Stay Strong, and Stay Energized!
January 30, 2017Statement on President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration
January 19, 2017Giving Goldman Sachs the key to our treasury
January 19, 2017A few thoughts upon the inauguration of Donald Trump
January 15, 2017Rally to Save Health Care
December 30, 2016On the 1%'s naughty list (and proud of it)
December 27, 2016Draining the Swamp 101
December 21, 2016Add your name to protect the Paris climate agreement
December 9, 2016The Battle of Standing Rock
December 6, 2016The swamp is strong with this one
November 16, 2016What's next:
October 31, 2016Introducing: The Band of Banksters
October 28, 2016I'm not afraid of the 1%.
October 18, 2016My opponent’s views on women’s rights:
October 7, 2016Improving our schools by shutting them down. What?!
September 24, 2016It's time for a public option in health care
September 17, 2016We are the 99%!
September 16, 2016They're taking our health hostage
September 15, 2016We're hiring!
September 7, 2016Sign the Petition: Tax Wall Street trades!
August 22, 2016Donald Trump's new best friend
August 10, 2016Unreasonable searches and seizures
July 29, 2016A tale of two ideas
July 18, 2016RNC: So it begins...
November 4, 2014Peter DeFazio once again defeats Art Robinson in U.S. House race - The Oregonian
October 27, 2014Editorial Board: Why We Will Vote DeFazio - Oregon Daily Emerald
October 25, 2014New York Billionaire Spends Big Yet Again To Aid Art Robinson In Race Against Peter DeFazio - The Oregonian
October 23, 2014Endorsement: Rep. DeFazio Deserves Another Term - The Coos Bay World
October 21, 2014Endorsement: DeFazio's Record Makes Him The Best Candidate - The News-Review
October 18, 2014Endorsement: DeFazio Still Has That Fire - The Register-Guard
August 15, 2014Oregon's GOP Chair (Art Robinson) Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste from Airplanes - Mother Jones
May 3, 2013Candidate Lawsuit Dismissed - The Register-Guard
October 24, 2012DeFazio Offeres Priceless Know-How - The Coos Bay World
October 23, 2012Financier Big Donor to Ore. Candidate's Nonprofit - The Daily Astorian
October 22, 2012Contentious House Race Renews 2010 Challenge - The Register Guard
October 18, 2012Citizens United Versus DeFazio - The Eugene Weekly
October 17, 2012Editorial: O&C Lands Plan Merits Re-electing Peter DeFazio - The News Review
October 12, 2012DeFazio Fires Back At Super PAC - The Coos Bay World
October 12, 2012Oregon Voters Should Stay With U.S. House Incumbents: Editorial Endorsement - The Oregonian
October 10, 2012Robert Mercer, Wall Street Billionaire, Funds Super PAC To Defeat Rep. Peter DeFazio, Again - The Huffington Post
October 8, 2012Indiana Super PAC Spends Big On Robinson - The Coos Bay World
August 28, 2012Of Chicken Suits, Debates - The Register Guard
August 15, 2012Call it what you want; Robinson needs to face off with DeFazio - The Curry County Reporter
August 10, 2012PolitiFact- Art Robinson Says "Social Security Should Be Ended Through Attrition." - The Oregonian
March 14, 2012Son's Faux Bid For Congress Hurts Credibility Of GOP Candidate - Roseburg News Review
October 28, 2010Roseburg chamber denies Robinson claim - The Eugene Register Guard
October 28, 2010Editorial: Behind the clamor, a clear choice - The Oregonian
October 28, 2010Rep. Peter DeFazio battles opponent at home, money from the East Coast - The Oregonian
October 25, 2010Editorial: DeFazio the right leader at the right time - Corvallis Gazette Times
October 21, 2010Endorsement: DeFazio merits another two-year term in Congress - Roseburg News Review
October 20, 2010Endorsement: DeFazio delivers for the coast - The Coos Bay World
October 10, 2010DeFazio, Robinson each seeking support - The Roseburg News-Review
October 10, 2010The fight for the 4th U.S. District - The Register-Guard
October 4, 2010EDITORIAL: 4th District — DeFazio - The Register-Guard
September 27, 2010An anonymous group tries to ignite a sleepy congressional race - The Washington Post
September 24, 2010Rep. Peter DeFazio Turns The Tables, Confronts Shadowy Conservative Group Running Attack Ads Against Him - Huffington Post
September 23, 2010EDITORIAL: Political sniper fire - The Register-Guard
August 6, 2010EDITORIAL: Debating with grenades - The Register Guard
August 1, 2010Editorial: Voters need to hear from both candidates in one setting - Roseburg News-Review
April 19, 2010Peter DeFazio: Oregon's equal opportunity provocateur - The Oregonian