Peter DeFazio for Congress, Oregon's 4th
August 1, 2019 KQEN News Radio: DELEGATION PUSHES TO REVERSE FOOD ASSISTANCE CUTS U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative Peter DeFazio, along with the rest of the Democratic members of the Oregon congressional delegation, pushed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to immediately withdraw the proposed rule that they ... read more
November 4, 2014 The Oregonian: Peter DeFazio once again defeats Art Robinson in U.S. House race Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, in yet another rematch with Republican Art Robinson, prevailed again Tuesday. In partial returns, Defazio was defeating Robinson handily with 62 percent of the vote. For a third election in ... read more
October 27, 2014 Oregon Daily Emerald: Editorial Board: Why We Will Vote DeFazio read more
October 25, 2014 The Oregonian: New York Billionaire Spends Big Yet Again To Aid Art Robinson In Race Against Peter DeFazio For the third election in a row, New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer is coming to the aid of Republican Art Robinson in his latest challenge to Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore. New disclosure reports ... read more
October 23, 2014 The Coos Bay World: Endorsement: Rep. DeFazio Deserves Another Term Our view: As long as an elected official is producing results, why would voters want to change? For most of us, when it comes the subject of jobs, we value experience and results. Company owners ... read more
October 21, 2014 The News-Review : Endorsement: DeFazio's Record Makes Him The Best Candidate From the News-Review Editorial Board: If nice-sounding sentiments remained the common denominator to choose the right candidate for office in our great republic then elections would probably a lot less controversial. Unfortunately, that isn’t the ... read more
October 18, 2014 The Register-Guard : Endorsement: DeFazio Still Has That Fire Despite Gridlock, Longtime Congressman Gets Results- Peter DeFazio and Art Robinson would never admit it, but in some ways they’re a lot alike. They’re both quite a bit smarter than average, they both think for ... read more
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October 17, 2012 The News Review: Editorial: O&C Lands Plan Merits Re-electing Peter DeFazio #Editorial: O&C lands plan merits re-electing DeFazio# A bill sits before Congress that could change Douglas County’s future. Instead of county commissioners having to continue to look for ways to cut county services or increase ... read more
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March 14, 2012 Roseburg News Review: Son's Faux Bid For Congress Hurts Credibility Of GOP Candidate ###Editorial: Son's faux bid for Congress hurts credibility of GOP candidate### ##The News-Review## Anyone hoping for a thoughtful conservative challenge to U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio has to be disappointed by Art Robinson's descent into farce. ... read more
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