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Endorsement: DeFazio's Record Makes Him The Best Candidate

If nice-sounding sentiments remained the common denominator to choose the right candidate for office in our great republic then elections would probably a lot less controversial. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

American voters are often victim to wide-sweeping proclamations that sound good but offer little substance and, in the end, fail to hold up to the true test of time.

The current race between Republican Art Robinson and incumbent Peter DeFazio in Oregon’s 4th District Congressional race is a good case in point. Robinson, who has competed against DeFazio before for the 4th District seat, says a lot of good things if you are a devoted Republican.

And, no doubt, he means them. The problem, though, if you are a discriminating voter is that DeFazio’s record clearly indicates he is the best candidate. While Robinson stakes out an often-popular view supporting term limits, the reality is that someone such as DeFazio is effective, precisely because he has a long record in the halls of Congress. DeFazio knows how to get things done in Washington, D.C.

Probably the biggest, and most important, example of DeFazio’s political know-how is his work — along with Oregon congressmen Greg Walden and Kurt Schrader — on the O&C Trust, Conservation, and Jobs Act.

The bill is designed to produce jobs and keep the region committed to conducting sustainable logging. DeFazio didn’t let partisan politics dominate the covenant with voters and instead worked with Walden — a strong Republican lawmaker — to do what was right. DeFazio boasts a long record of service to the voters in his district.

He gets things done and he works across partisan lines to do what is best for Oregonians. Are all of DeFazio’s viewpoints in line with Republican values? Of course not. And nor should they be. Yet when it comes to addressing the key, flash-point issues of his district, DeFazio rarely flinches. Robinson talks a lot about putting Oregon first and “bringing jobs back home” and wants to “clean up” Washington — apparently, by and large, through term limits.

Those slogans all sound good. Yet it depends upon one’s viewpoint whether any of them hold any substance. Robinson does have a good plan to educate other lawmakers on the benefits of the timber industry through outreach and seminars, but that surely isn’t enough to give the longtime Republican a green light for office.

Art Robinson should be lauded for seemingly year after year going after the 4th Congressional seat. A good man with his sight firmly focused on his region, Robinson is still not on par with DeFazio’s political acumen. Plain and simple, DeFazio is our choice in this election.

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