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Endorsement: Rep. DeFazio Deserves Another Term

Our view: As long as an elected official is producing results, why would voters want to change?

For most of us, when it comes the subject of jobs, we value experience and results. Company owners want employees who remain loyal and stay on the job. They also want employees who work hard, which in turn, benefits the company.

When it comes to politics, though, too many of us want to throw those values out the window altogether.

That’s what Oregon GOP Congressional candidate Art Robinson is asking voters to do this year — disregard longevity and producing results for the 4th District and replace Democrat Rep. Peter DeFazio with himself.

Why do that, Mr. Robinson?

Since he was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1987, Mr. DeFazio has been producing results for the South Coast. It began with small things, like the Dean Creek elk viewing area east of Reedsport. Results gradually grew larger, as Mr. DeFazio gained experience and clout in the House and among his colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans.

Afterward came other results — saving the rail line from demolition, a modern air traffic control tower in North Bend, funding for dredging South Coast sea ports, just to name a few.

They’re mostly infrastructure improvements; not sexy or showy, but exactly what we expect government to do. Government provides the nuts and bolts basics that allow private enterprise to grow and thrive.

For a challenger like Mr. Robinson to enter the race with no similar experience or accomplishments, it’s obviously hard to compete. So, he makes use of generalized notions about career politicians and campaign financial hijinks. He plays to the popular notion that longevity equals probable cronyism and favoritism, while providing no concrete evidence that it exists.

Additionally, Mr. Robinson says that, if elected, he most likely wouldn’t serve more than a couple of terms in office. His rationale: No one should be in elected office more than that.

We don’t agree. Length in office shouldn’t be a criticism lodged against a politician. Performance for constituents, or lack thereof, should be the primary criteria.

We are not convinced that it is time to change our representation in District 4. Mr. DeFazio has been doing a fine job so far. We think he deserves yet another term, so long as he’s getting things done for the South Coast.

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